Better than Yesterday’s Mess

Yesterday I’d spent considerable time trying to weld aluminium to steel to create some mounts for the motors. Having Googled it afterwards, it’s not surprising that it didn’t work, so today was all about cleaning up yesterday’s mess:

Yesterday wasn’t a complete waste of time though because it provided more welding experience and it actually seems like I might be starting to get the hang of it:

With all of the welding done, I gave it a quick coat of paint, mounted the motors and added a temporary remote control.

Last night I also tried sitting on it and it had no problem whatsoever moving my weight, and that was with just one motor connected. The paint’s still a bit tacky so no sitting on it at the moment.

Even with me sat on it though, and with only one motor connected, it’s quick! I’ve decided that walking behind it is not a viable option and have ordered the parts to make it radio controlled. It’s also only two-wheel-drive at the moment because I need to print more sprocket mounts but one of the 3D-printers is busy working on another project and my other printer is currently having a major overhaul.

What’s really pleasing though is that I had built this just to experiment with batteries and motors but the fact that’s able to easily carry a full grown man opens up far more possibilities. Can’t wait to get it out for some “field tests”.

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