Building of the Mountain Wheelchair has Commenced

At long last, I finally decided to go ahead and start building the mountain wheelchair frame.

For a long time I’ve been using a computer to create simulations of the wheelchair overcoming obstacles and different types of terrain. Every time I do, I notice something new which is going to create a problem. For this reason, I’ve been extremely reluctant to actually start the build process (in case I decide to revise the design).

Something changed the other day, I guess I felt like I was wasting time and it made more sense to get the thing built and see what happens. So with much trepidation, I cut into the forks:

Having finally cut them, this spurred on a wave of activity and by the end of the day I had built something that was starting to look like a Mountain Wheelchair Rocker Bogie:

Wow! It’s actually coming together! And what’s more, I’m really pleased with how straight everything is and how well all of the angles have turned out. I don’t know what’s going to happen once it’s under load, but so far building the mountain wheelchair is going according to plan.

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