Building of the Mountain Wheelchair has Commenced

At long last, I finally decided to go ahead and start building the mountain wheelchair frame.

For a long time I’ve been using a computer to create simulations of the wheelchair overcoming obstacles and different types of terrain. Every time I do, I notice something new which is going to create a problem. For this reason, I’ve been extremely reluctant to actually start the build process (in case I decide to revise the design).

Something changed the other day, I guess I felt like I was wasting time and it made more sense to get the thing built and see what happens. So with much trepidation, I cut into the forks:

Having finally cut them, this spurred on a wave of activity and by the end of the day I had built something that was starting to look like a Mountain Wheelchair Rocker Bogie:

Wow! It’s actually coming together! And what’s more, I’m really pleased with how straight everything is and how well all of the angles have turned out. I don’t know what’s going to happen once it’s under load, but so far building the mountain wheelchair is going according to plan.

Mountain Wheelchair Bogie Mockup

It’s taken me the best part of the day to filing away so that the motors fit onto the forks, but it’s done, and all six motors are now sitting in the forks. Shoulder aching, I decided to push on and managed to get another wheel laced, then much to Ada’s delight, mocked up part of the frame (a bogie) for the actual Mountain Wheelchair!

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