“Adventure of a Lifetime for Ada”

I was just digging around for background information about the Juniour Adventurer competition, went on to the Adventure Map website, and low and behold, a big picture of Ada smiling with her mountain bike!

Reading through Ada’s quotes on the Adventure Map website brought back so many memories…

“Adventures are sometimes a little bit scary, but really exciting. They push you to our limits, make you stronger and more confident and can definitely change your life”.

“I can’t wait to try all of the AdventureMap activities with my family and friends. These are the type of days out that make me think afterwards ‘wow! I did that’.

“Adventuring is my ultimate daily goal and I take every second of every one into my memory. There’s always an adventure around the corner.”

How things have changed since then.

You can read the full article on the Adventure Map website.

Junior Adventurer - before needing a wheelchair

Junior Adventurer – before needing a wheelchair


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