Motors for the Mountain Wheelchair Arrived

This is just a very quick post as I was excited to answer the door this morning and see three large boxes plastered in Chinese stickers. The motors had arrived!

We’re all full of flu at the moment but despite how energy sapping it was, I couldn’t help myself but lay the parts out on the floor. Tada! It’s (almost) a real Mountain Wheelchair Rocker Bogie Mechanism!

OK, it’s not quite a real mountain wheelchair rocker bogie, but you get the idea. Importantly, I’ve been able to find 6061 aluminium tubes with the exact measurements I needed to fit over the bicycle forks and accommodate the bearings which allow the rocker bogie to pivot. This means I’m almost ready to start actually building the real mountain wheelchair!

In Other Mountain Wheelchair News

…I discovered last night that Dan, of Coastal Welding, is willing to grant me access to a new workshop which he’ll be opening soon, complete with tube bender! This means that I could potentially get the curves that I need in the frame without having to spend thousands of pounds on my own tube bender. And unlike me, Dan actually knows what he’s doing when it comes to metal work. if Dan goes ahead with his workshop then it could be pivotal in getting this wheelchair made. If you’re reading this then no pressure Dan ;) Give me a shout if there’s anything I can do to help.

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