The First Field Test Went Brilliantly!

On previous occasions where I’ve taken the larger prototype out for a drive I’ve had issues with the chains coming off. Yesterday I finished making some chain tensioners and finally managed to get it out for a proper drive. It worked brilliantly!

A couple of issues which need ironing out: the wheels on the right seem to be finding it more difficult to turn than those on the left. I suspect this is because the chains are too tight. And if a chain does come off then it gets caught between the sprockets. I need to make some adjustments to the sprocket mounts and either move the sprockets closer together to make it impossible for a chain to fall into the gap, or make space the sprockets further apart to make it easier to retrieve the chain when it does come off. I suspect I’ll probably do the later otherwise I’d risk the chains rubbing together. Time will tell.

Although it was a huge amount of fun to take it our for a drive today I also need to start thinking about the specific tests I need to perform which relate to motor power and battery life etc.

Lots of other things going on too but each deserve a post of their own. Watch this space…

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