Free Give Away – Competition Time

It’s Competition Time!

And we’re giving away this unique, radio-controlled, six-wheel-drive, one of a kind, all terrain vehicle to one lucky winner.

We built this to see how our paper-based calculations of motor power and battery duration translated to the real world. Having now conducted our tests, this is a great opportunity to own something completely unique and support a worthwhile cause.

How to Win

In a few weeks we’ll be launching a fund-raising campaign for our Mountain Wheelchair project and we’re looking for fund raisers to help our cause. The winner of this unique gift will be the person or group who raises the most.

What you need to do

At the moment, we’re just trying to see who’s interested so please get in touch, and if possible, share this post on social media to help increase support.

When we launch the campaign we’ll be in touch with details of how to get involved.

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