All Six Motors for the Mountain Wheelchair are Working

There were a couple of tasks that had been causing me a bit of a mental block and preventing progress with the mountain wheelchair so it’s really pleasing to have them ‘done and dusted’ so that I can get back to it.

One task was to disassemble all of the wheels, make some modifications and then reassemble them all. Having done this, all of the spokes in the wheel rims are sitting far better than they were before.

The other task was to change and re-wire the connectors on all of the controllers and motors. Having done this, I could finally go ahead and get all six motors wired up:

As Ada said in the video, there are many things which need doing in terms of wiring for the wheelchair, but it is an enormous relief to see all six motors turning and relieve myself of the concerns I’d been having. It shouldn’t be long now before I start building the rocker-bogie for the wheelchair frame…

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