Radio Controls are Working!!!

Wow, I can’t believe how easy that was. After hacking the transmitter yesterday without testing to make sure it worked first I thought I’d been a little bit silly. Today the motor controller arrived from France and I plugged it in, had to change one setting, and tada, working perfectly! That just never happens! I’m so happy!

Printers are still flat-out with other projects though so haven’t been able to find time to print out the rest of the sprocket mounts and wheel spacers. Some split-links also arrived today so at least I can get on with correcting the slack in the chains and see if I can do something to align the sprockets more consistently.


Back to the RC Drawing Board

I managed to build a radio control transmitter and receiver on Saturday night, attached it to the small prototype and woohoo – one side worked! The next morning I was able to locate the problem, replace one of the integrated circuits and now both sides work, with forwards and reverse… sort of:

The green light on the receiver shows that it has a connection to the transmitter. If the light goes off then it means it has lost its connection. I’m not sure why it’s losing connection at the moment but I would hazard a guess that the motors are drawing too much power and there’s not enough left for the receiver, so it’s thinking caps on and back to the drawing board for this project.

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