Drive on One Side

Woohoo, I have fully working drive down one side of the robot-wheelchair-thing:

It looks like one of the chains is a bit baggy though so I’ll need to remove a link but that’s no big deal as quite satisfyingly, everything is working as planned.

I took it out for a drive last night with only the front wheels being driven (still waiting for parts to come off the printer for it to be 6-wheel-drive) and using a rope I tied it to my waste so it didn’t “run away”. It certainly goes at least running speed but it’s difficult to test when you’re tethered to it. With this in mind, look what arrived in the post today:

Somewhat silly of me, I’ve opened up the radio transmitter and modified the controls (which are intended for an RC aeroplane and doesn’t have reverse) without powering it up to make sure it works first :S Will need to keep my fingers crossed for this one and won’t find out until (Fighting Robot!) parts arrive from France. It’s all rather exciting!

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