Funds are Raising

Wow, what an incredible surprise! Yesterday, out of nowhere, £200 was donated to the website! In addition to this Mummy held a raffle at the Surf Snowdonia Christmas Market last weekend and raised £243.80 towards Ada’s Mountain Wheelchair!

Ada hasn’t been to school or seen her friends for 8 months now and has been feeling quite isolated. Until quite recently she hasn’t really taken a great deal of interest in the project and I think this is because she questions whether or not her stupid step-dad will be able to do it. Showing her the support we received yesterday really helped to lift her spirits. From all of us, a huge thank you to everybody who has offered their support and shared our cause on social media.

Mum will be running another Raffle this Saturday at the Christmas Fun Day at Bodafon Farm Park to try and raise some more money for Ada’s Mountain Wheelchair. If you’re in the vicinity then it would nice to meet you all.

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