A Compact Differential Bar

Just a quick update on differential mechanisms. In previous posts I’ve looked at different types of differential mechanisms such as geared differentials, and hydraulic differentials and various differential bars using ball joints. It’s since become clear how important weight reduction is going to be and for this reason, for the smaller prototype, I’ve made a version which has a differential bar which is almost identical to the setup on the Mars Rovers.

Of all the methods I’ve tried, I think this one is most suitable for the final mountain going wheelchair owing to how compact, light and durable it is. Initially I’d avoided this method because I thought it would interfere with positioning of the seat but now armed with a concept drawing of the what the finished wheelchair might look like, I can see that this isn’t going to be the case.

The cheap motors on the smaller prototype are starting to malfunction so once they’ve been replaced I’ll upload some videos to show how this new differential is working out.

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