Hydraulic Differential for Rocker Bogie

Recently, whilst building the larger prototype, one of the things that has caused delay is one of 3D printers being busy with other projects and the other one completely out of action. I spent most of last week stripping it down and rebuilding it and gave the working printer an overhaul whilst I was at it. It was a huge relief once both printers were up and running again and the quality of the prints are now better than ever.

With both working printers I’ve been able to revisit the smaller prototype for which I had designed a hydraulic differential using syringes. It works! Sort of…

Although it works, the syringes aren’t perfect and small air bubbles are being drawn in. As a proof of concept though, it’s great, and I think it has more potential than both the differential gears and the differential bar. The reasons being that there is less wear and tear on the hydraulics (than the other proposed methods) and therefore less maintenance with increased reliability, but also it has a dampening affect which should result in smoother ride for Ada.

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