It’s Awesome!

…and I built a website!

Restless again at 2:00am I came down stairs to completed printed parts and assembled the new version of the prototype. It’s Awesome!!!


I’ve done a few quick tests and the differential is working extremely well. Here’s a closer look:

As mentioned in previous posts, the differential keeps the seat parallel to the ground as the wheels on either side go over obstacles. This is one of the main things that are drawing me to a rocker-bogie design. Ada finds it tiring in her current wheelchair when pushed along a gravel path as she bounces up and down in her seat. With caterpillar tracks (at least without further development) I think this bouncing would increase. I haven’t given it much thought yet but I imagine it would be possible to combine this differential mechanism with caterpillar tracks and have the best of both worlds.

Wheels have just come off the printer too (Ada has requested they be painted purple) and I have two more tyres to print. I’ve modified these wheels to prevent them slipping on the motor so can’t wait to see the results tomorrow.

In other news, I also built this website. Ta da! :D

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