“Comfiest Seat Ever”

…is what Ada said when she sat on it :)

Here it is, the first full size prototype of the wheelchair seat:

I realise that it looks just a slightly scrappy ;) but that’s fine; this is just a tool for collecting measurements for the actual mountain wheelchair.

I can then take photographs and measurements and use them in the 3D environment to make sure the mountain wheelchair concept drawings have the correct dimensions:

The next step is to tweak the design to suit and then, carrying on with the pvc pipe, continue building a life-size model of the wheelchair.

More progress despite the lurgy

I’ve been feeling really run down over the last few weeks and today was no exception. Despite being ill I spent the day sat at the computer redesigning the prototype to include the differential mechanism which keeps the centre of the vehicle level, and added a seat just because it looks cool and helps to get Ada enthused. By the end of the day the new parts were being printed which also included some chunky tyres :)

Thanks to Staffert for his Bevel Gear assembly, DCHCustoms for the cool RC bucket seat and Palmiga for the OpenRC Tyres.

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